Official Name The Republic of Kenya
Form of Government Presidential system
Head of State and Government H.E. Hon Uhuru Kenyatta C.G.H President and Commander in Chief of Defence Forces of the Republic of Kenya
Independence Day 12th December, 1963

Nairobi is the capital city and seat of the Government situated 500 Kilometers from the main coastal port-town of Mombasa in the Indian Ocean.

Surface Area
The total territorial area (both land and water) of the country is 582, 646 square Kilometers

The population of Kenya is approximately 44.5M (2013) and the estimate annual growth is 2.0%.

There is no State religion although the majority of Kenyans profess Christianity. Other religions include Muslims and Hindus.

Both English and Kiswahili are the official languages of communication while Kiswahili is the national Language. There are several indigenous languages in use in Kenya.

Kenya has a moderate tropical weather/climate throughout the year due to its location along the Equator. Kenya enjoys favourable temperate climate which varies from tropical south, west, and central regions to arid and semi-arid north and north eastern areas.

The economic development potential and growth prospects are quite promising. The chief minerals include gold, Soda ash, fluorspar and lime stone.

Kenya is basically an agriculture-based economy. Agriculture is the most important sector of the economy, employing nearly 30 percent of the labour force and providing more than 50 percent of the nation’s exports. The other divisions of the sector (horticulture, livestock, fisheries) too, are well thriving.

Industries and Products
With a relatively strong industrial base the economy has enhanced labour intensive export-oriented industries. This covers small-scale, consumer goods, textile and clothing, agricultural produce processing, oil refining, cement etc.

Tourism is another major industry in Kenya. The country’s rich endowment in natural and cultural heritage offers a competitive advantage over her competitors in the industry. Kenya’s pleasant climate and magnificent game parks attract visitors from all over the world. Kenya is committed to promoting and expanding new products and packages and additional services the tourists require.

Natural Resources
These include wood, natural trees, minerals such as Soda ash, fluorspar, the Great Rift Valley, Snow Capped Mountains (e.g. Mount Kenya).

Exports :The Chief exports are tea, coffee, flowers, petroleum products, etc

Imports : The main imports cover Machinery and transportation equipment, consumer goods, petroleum products etc.

GDP :The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is 6%. The GDP per capita income is $1136 (2014) estimates.

Transportation :
Transportation system is mainly by road, rail, water and air travel. Kenya boasts for a moderately sophisticated transport infrastructure connectivity serving both rural and urban areas as well as linking with her neighbors.

Currency: 1 Kenyan Shilling = NAD 0.1245
Time Zone: Behind 2 hours GMT


Public Holidays

New Year’s Day       – 01 January
Good Friday
Easter Monday
Labor Day                  – 01 May
Madaraka Day          – 01 June
Mashujaa Day           – 20 October
Jamhuri (Independence) Day          – 12 December
Christmas                 – 25 December
Boxing Day               – 26 December
Idd – ul – Fitr